About Claire Kluever

Who is Claire Kluever and what is Magnolia Solutions LLC?

My name is Claire Kluever and I strongly believe in authenticity, integrity and abundance in all dimensions of life –  spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.   Yet, for the majority of my adult life, I spent considerable time and effort trying to suppress my authentic self and to fit into a certain mold that I felt would most please others. In my mid 40’s, due to the grace of God and an excellent life coach, I was able to break free from unfulfilling, self-imposed norms and begin to live the life that I had always wanted to live.  I realized that every person has within themselves the strength and the knowledge of how to live their most fulfilling life; but unfortunately it is very difficult to achieve this without some form of assistance, education and practice.  In January, 2011, I founded Magnolia Solutions LLC with the goal of combining my unique knowledge of the wealth management industry with my love for building relationships and partnering with people to help them to live their best lives.

I get tremendous fulfillment from empowering people to confidently address important life decisions, embrace life transitions and purposefully live more fulfilling and low-stress lives.  At Magnolia Solutions LLC I partner with my clients to teach them a full-proof method for lowering stress, increasing engagement and markedly improving their leadership effectiveness in all areas of life.

Why did you become an Executive Coach?

In 2007, I took a sabbatical from my job.  After 16 years of travel, long hours, and a stressful work environment; I had a strong desire to spend some time purely focused on my family, my faith and my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. I was firmly committed to coming back to my job, however, as the end of my sabbatical drew near instead of feeling refreshed and ready to dive back in, I felt anxious and unsettled. As opposed to pushing these feelings down and soldiering forward, as I had done so many other times in my life, I made a decision which turned out to be the most transforming and powerful decisions of my then 46 year life. I hired a life coach.

My life coach helped me to honestly examine my core values, priorities and what I felt compelled to do and opened my eyes to the truth that a life of business travel, long hours and constant pressure was a choice that I would no longer make. This realization came to me over a period of time, but once I faced this truth head on, I felt a sense of incredible strength, excitement and utter commitment to whatever lay ahead.

The gift that my life coach gave to me was to “wake me up” to the full possibilities and dreams that I had for my life and, more importantly, to help me develop a greater belief and trust in myself and my own inner compass.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Having spent a great deal of my career as a consultant, I had a lot of learning and growing to do in order to become a life coach.  I was used to having an agenda and a set of possible answers, and bringing that agenda and those answers to clients who were in need of them.  I was an expert in the family office market.  As a coach, I do not come into a new relationship with an agenda or answers to any questions.  My sole purpose as a coach is to partner with my client as they examine their own core values, priorities and what they truly feel truly compelled to do and to assist them in taking steps towards meeting their most important goals.  Although coaches have specializations in certain fields, like wealth management for myself, the true expertise is in the coaching process itself.

For my clients, I am able to serve as a coach whose knowledge and past experiences, provide powerful insight and synergy when partnering together as well as a mutual understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of working for wealthy individuals and families.

How does your service work? 

Individual Coaching: My coaching relationships are often initiated due to my client’s desire to make a meaningful change whether it be a job transition, succession planning, leadership development and/or strengthening sales and servicing capabilities in the family office arena. My role is to champion, advise and challenge my clients as they work to clearly identify goals and priorities and to develop a plan of action for achieving their desired outcomes. I then work alongside my clients, over a period of time, as they take meaningful steps towards reaching their goals.

Much of my work centers around Leadership (of self and others), Time Management and Effectively Utilizing Networking to achieve goals. My coaching tools and exercises relate to energy, mindfulness and harnessing unique strengths and intuition to reach new levels of goal attainment.

Team Coaching: I work with management teams in the Wealth Management and Family Office industry. My clients believe that empathetic leadership and an empowered and engaged team are critical for growth and success in this client-centric business.

Empathetic leaders are able to adapt, build on the strengths around them, and effectively relate to their employees and clients.

Fostering a corporate culture which cultivates empowered and engaged employees is critical for attracting and maintaining wealthy clients. Clients expect accountability, depth of knowledge and skill, and timely problem solving capabilities from each and every individual with whom they interact at their wealth management firm.

In individual and team coaching and training sessions, Magnolia Solutions incorporates assessment tools including the Energy Leadership Assessment and the Business DNA Discovery tool to ensure long-term results.

 “It is better to follow the Voice inside and be at war with the whole world, than to follow the ways of the world and be at war with your deepest self.” –

Michael Pastore