Unique Qualifications

Character trumps credentials in today’s changing market.  Claire Kluever’s personal journey, life experiences and personal relationships have developed her natural strengths in connectedness, input, adaptability, positivity, and maximizing potential.  Using her unique skill set, Claire can help you to emotionally connect your inner purpose and passion to your outer goals and strategies to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results. 

  • Connectedness – Claire has a gift for helping people to see the connections among their talents, their actions, their mission, and their successes.  When people believe in what they are doing and the people they are working with, positive energy and commitment to achievement is greatly enhanced.   Claire has the distinctive ability to assist you in uncovering on which life path you will experience the most success and personal fulfillment.
  • Input –  With over 20 years of in-depth exposure to  family office professionals, wealth management research and forward thinking related to career development, compensation and industry best practices for family offices, Claire is a recognized leader in her area of expertise.  Claire manifests her values and passion by providing you with expertise and guidance on career and/or life opportunities and assisting you in raising your consciousness to the degree that you are able to enjoy more satisfaction in every aspect of your life.
  • Adaptability – When the pressure is on, Claire is able to help her clients, co-workers and friends find ways to adjust their thinking and maintain control of their situation.  Adaptability is about more than simply “rolling with the punches.”  Claire is able to calmly and readily respond to your circumstances and create an open and safe place in which you can process and develop appropriate plans of action.
  • Positivity – Claire gets great joy out of encouraging and motivating other people utilizing her enthusiasm and positive energy to approach goals and challenges.  When clients feel discouraged or reluctant to take risks, Claire is able to help them shift their energy and thinking to include optimism and self-confidence.  Claire can deliberately help you to see the things that are going well for you  and, building upon these positives, to create the impetus for you to keep moving forward.
  • Maximizing potential – Claire has always sought roles in which she helps other people to succeed.  She has achieved great success in coaching, mentoring and teaching roles, where she helps others to recognize and believe in their unique strengths and talents.  By finding ways to maximize the talents that you already possess, Claire can assist you in turning your top potential into true and lasting greatness.