Choosing Acceptance

Mac with a stick!Most people exist with a fair amount of fear, doubt and worry impacting their day to day lives.  Waves of fear of failing, fear of what “might” happen, fear of being judged disapprovingly by others and fear of making the wrong decision consistently runs through our heads. This is normal, however, it is not the only option.

Allowing fear and worry to permeate your every day is a personal choice   Coaching theory teaches us that each person has the ability to choose anticipation, curiosity and acceptance as alternatives to fear, apprehension or disappointment.  Consider how your day might unfold differently if you simply started each day with the thought “I look forward to seeing what this day will bring.”  How would it feel to approach each new day with a sense of anticipation and the attitude that you will watch for the positive moments which are ahead of you?  And, wouldn’t it feel better to allow yourself to move forward after a challenging day without judging the day or how you handled it as “good” or “bad”?

While this practice may not be natural to you, it can be achieved with time and determination, just like breaking any other habit.  From my own experience in consciously choosing anticipation and acceptance, I have felt a great deal more comfort, enjoyment and grace coming from myself and from those around me.  I choose acceptance.  What do you choose?

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