Overcome Your Inner Critic, Get Started

Me, at two

I would like to start by congratulating myself on this my very first blog post.  I congratulate myself not because I have done something unique or admirable but because for me writing this first blog post was extremely hard.   I write this despite my inner critic telling me that it “won’t be of interest to anyone” and  “no one will read it anyway.”  I write it despite my paranoia that I will say something which will make me look unprofessional or unintelligent.  And, I write it under the assumption that I am not experienced enough, wise enough or educated enough to create something of true worth.

Believing your inner critic, your assumptions of the truth, or your critical comparison of yourself to others are all tools which we employ to protect ourselves from getting hurt or rejected.  Our well-kept insecurities and beliefs of our weaknesses and shortcomings, keep us from moving forward, taking a risk, sticking our neck out and, basically, from making something new, different or great happen for us.  Everyone has an inner critic, fears and insecurities; so how do we take the plunge into the unknown or boldly make the decision to change directions?  We simply take the control back from our own deep-rooted mindset and make the commitment to open our eyes to the possibilities, to be receptive to creative ways to reach our goals, and to really, truly listen to our intuition.  Our intuition, that often masked voice saying  “This is what I want to do because it is important to me.”,  is our best guide towards honoring our true values, gifts and service….to ourselves as well as to the rest of the world.  This is the secret to realizing your true significance.

When you are able to overcome your inner critic and allow your intuition to speak loudly and with authority, then you will be able to begin to accomplish great and meaningful things in your life.  This, my first blog post, may not represent much in significance to you, the reader, but to me it signifies a great deal.

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