Career Coaching

It is often said that if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.  You give yourself the greatest potential for success when you are completely clear, from the inside out, as to your professional desires and goals.  Being clear on what success is and feels like to you is another important element in your journey towards realizing career satisfaction.  Clarity around how you measure success helps to guide and focus your intentions and actions.  It also helps you to eliminate distractions, anticipate course corrections, and to connect with what is most important and most rewarding to you.  Success is a result of many things including opportunity, talent, creative vision, conflict resolution, quick and accurate decision making, and your ability to overcome any obstacles in your way.

 A Career Coach will help you to identify and embrace the road that is best for you and will equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to follow your road to success. 

Magnolia Client: A Family Office CEO, who has recently left his job, wants to take time to carefully decide what his next role should be.  Whether that means working for another family office or somewhere entirely outside of the wealth management arena, Magnolia Solutions LLC can help him to find a meaningful job that utilizes his key strengths; and brings him joy and a feeling of accomplishment.  By exploring his values, passions and unique skill set, it is possible to develop a clear vision of how and where he can apply his talents and passion in the right job with the right employer.  Career Coaching enabled this executive to:

  • Clarify and take ownership of his most important values and goals
  • Identify roles and responsibilities in his life which will most fully utilize his strengths.
  • Provide meaningful direction for future career and life decisions