Empowerment Coaching

You can change your reality in an instant by simply changing the way you think and feel about things and when you change your state of mind, you literally change your destiny.

Empowerment coaching can help you to become more aware of your deepest held values, motivations, desires and needs, as well as personal patterns and habits which may be inhibiting you from growth and achievement.  How engaged you are in your role as a leader in your professional and personal life affects your level of success.  The more engaged you are the more aware you are of your choices and your ability to create opportunity.  Your level of engagement also affects your ability to connect with and inspire others.  The more aware of who you are as a leader of others, the more successful you will be in inspiring and motivating others to succeed.

Empowerment coaching can be a powerful tool for moving away from self-limiting behavior and moving toward a more fulfilling and engaged life. 

Magnolia Client: After working for the same company for more than 20 years, a client wonders whether it is time to make a career move and completely change directions.  He wants to find out if there is something better out there for him to pursue –  a new challenge to conquer or a role with new meaning to him as an individual.  Empowerment coaching helped this Professional to:

  • Explore his passions, values and strengths and to determine whether these elements are being appropriately met and utilized in his current job.
  • If he comes to realize that his current role does not sufficiently match up with his strengths and goals, to identify what personal beliefs, assumptions or behavior patterns may be impeding him from achieving more.
  • Discover other roles, careers or endeavors which he might pursue that will enable him to most fully utilize his natural talents and strengths.