“Claire Kluever gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Along the way there have been surprising personal realizations, and Claire’s mentoring continues to help me improve, both professionally and personally.”

Michelle Young, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Ohana Advisors


“Claire is a remarkable executive leadership coach and a truly wonderful human being. I worked with Claire while transitioning my career within the single family office area. She challenged me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and to establish goals and milestones. She intuitively knew that I needed to be more introspective to determine what I really wanted to do professionally so that I could attain the goals that made sense for me. She spent many hours with me breaking down the barriers I had established around my perceived career path. She opened my eyes to the market for my talents and helped me establish an action plan to get where I wanted and needed to be. I could not be more grateful to Claire for her hard work, imagination and honest encouragement. Please feel free to contact me directly for more information about Claire.”

John Prescott, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of a Single Family Office


“Claire is not your typical professional coach, in that her specialty in wealth management and previous recruiting experience make her especially knowledgeable about the industry. She is a positive, supportive coach who has encouraged me to follow my passions, and provided me with the focus, structure and tools to take action. I highly recommend Claire to anyone looking to inject energy into their approach, make changes confidently in a condensed time frame, and invest in their self.”

Karen Neal, Chief Financial Officer, CSC Family Partners


“Claire is a wonderful sounding board and level-headed listener. She is able to discern behavior patterns both in the people with whom she speaks and those around them and can therefore offer sound, thoughtful advice to help create real change, both personally and professionally.”

Meredith Jones, Author, Researcher and Alternative Investment Consultant


“The universe delivered Claire to me just when I needed a coach to help me to move past the blocks I was facing. As a start-up coach, she helped me to devise an efficient business plan that resonated with my particular needs in a short period of time. Her keen insight into the direction of my business and identifying my niche was a boost to my knowing what action to take and to move forward. Claire has a supportive and empathetic style that facilitates communication and trust in the coach client relationship. These qualities were a great factor in helping me to make profound decisions for my business. Claire is recommended with flying colors as an experienced Executive Coach. ”

Rose-marie Fernandez, Principal, Coaching Worx


” I had never met Claire before I reached out to her to learn more about her coaching/consulting practice. I work for a commercial real estate investment company and I had just been given responsibility for raising private capital for our newest fund. During my initial research and discovery process, I found Claire. She had an interesting background that corresponded with what I was working on professionally and, after meeting with her, I determined that she’d be a great coach in terms of selling into the high-end private client market, understanding how to position our offering and networking with the right intermediaries. As a coach, Claire helped me to get focused, identify my strengths in my new role and then to implement my fund raising strategy. Through her wisdom and empathy, Claire expanded my outlook and enabled me to grow professionally. The end result was that within six months of starting our work together, I had raised the amount of capital expected and our fund closed as scheduled. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Claire and would highly recommend her as a coach.”

Eteri Zazlovsky, Managing Director, Next Realty LLC


“Claire has helped me to identify key issues and decisions AND helped me to move forward in addressing them. She consistently considers the whole person, as the business and personal usually interact. She puts disparate pieces together in very insightful ways.”

Dennis Covington, Founder and Managing Director, Ohana Advisors


“Claire Kluever is a gifted coach. She employs skill, wisdom and tenacity to help clients find their true north, and keep them focused there. Working with Claire is a combination of intention and celebration. Her energy is genuine and positive. I recommend Claire without reservation.”

Gary Shunk, Principal, Family Wealth Dynamics


“I’ve known Claire since our days together as colleagues at FOX, but I came to have a much greater appreciation for her skills and talents when I hired her to be my Executive Coach during 2012. While she helped me in numerous ways, her ability to get me to focus, think ahead, and know what is most important for priorities were her most valuable traits. I would highly recommend you consider Claire for your leadership needs. We are bringing her back in 2013 for work with our team.”

Thomas R Livergood, CEO, Family Wealth Alliance LLC


“Claire is a treasury of knowledge in the family office and boutique advisory businesses. She knows the inside– how things actually work and what the real concerns and issues are. She also has a natural gift for shaping terrific marketing ideas to either establish a brand or expand a service offering.”

Alec Wiggin, President, aabalone[red]


“I have worked with Claire and found her very knowledgeable regarding the family office industry as well as being dynamic, upbeat and helpful.”

Galen Oelkers, President, The Zeist Company, LLC