Use Your Emotional Courage

Emotional Courage

I heard a new term yesterday, “Emotional Courage”, which I found intriguing.  “Emotional Courage” is defined as having the courage to stand out from the crowd, accepting criticism and opposition with grace and openness, and being willing to stand in the midst of other’s disapproval without defensiveness.  The trick to emotional courage is in using it without harming your relationship with opposing parties or alienating yourself from others.  Being “different” is useful, interesting and productive.  Opposing views are powerful when offered in the spirit of adding to the solution; as opposed to disregarding the opinions of others and replacing them with your own.

Many people don’t know how to disagree without conflict, confrontation and the belief that there is a winner and a loser.  People who possess emotional courage, acknowledge and validate other viewpoints and then offer their own thoughts and ideas.  Because both party’s viewpoints are being considered and validated; often a compromise can be reached.  There is never a simple right or wrong answer to any question or issue, only opposing viewpoints developed through life experiences, lessons learned and role models who have shaped us.

It is amazing how much you can broaden your knowledge and feed your soul, when you feel free to express yourself boldly along with the sincere hope that others will do the same.  Once you start using your emotional courage regularly, it begins to ebb away because you come to realize that you no longer need courage to operate this way.  Then you begin to experience “Emotional Freedom”.

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